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Bright pictures and fun questions help develop your baby's vocabulary and introduce them to the world we share. Learn More
Stringing Pegs & Pegboard Set

These quality-designed stringing pegs are 2 1/2" tall and engineered for easy grasping as kids place the pegs in the 25-hole Lauri® crepe rubber pegboard to create various designs with the 36" long laces. This is a great activity to improve fine-motor skills, introduce geometric thinking and visual patterning, and teach early graphing concepts. The pattern cards have varying levels of difficulty to continue challenging young minds and hands. Kids feel a great sense of accomplishment as they complete the peg-lace patterns and then go on to create designs of their own.
Ages 3 & Up

Contents: 32 Stringing Pegs, Lauri Crepe Rubber Pegboard, 24 Pattern Cards, 4 Tipped Laces, Activity Guide Learn More
Kids Make It Better

Ask a kid a question, and you never know what will tumble out. Here, from bestselling author and brilliant child-at-heart Suzy Becker, is a marvelously interactive way to involve kids in the challenges of life, from what to do about the ozone layer to how to mend a broken heart. Surprising, imaginative, funny, wise, The Kids Make It Better Book is a pure delight, combining a "kids say the darndest things" and Children's Letters to God humor with a greater goal: that of teaching kids the value of being engaged.

Each "problem" begins with a spread that asks a question and gives one or more solutions from children—illustrated in whimsical full-color drawings by the author. Then the reader is presented with two pages of fill-ins, prompts, and a space to draw his or her own ideas. How do you fix a bad economy? "The government should have a bake sale," says Jennifer, age 9. What would you do to improve schools? "Put chocolate milk in the water fountain."—Robert, age 8. What can we do to take better care of our water? "Have scientists make fish that love to eat tons of pollution."—Jackie, age 9. And finally, a question on the nature of helping itself: The biggest challenge of all might be getting people up off their couches to do something. Any ideas? "Put spikes on the couches"—Micah, age 10. Learn More
Frosty's New Friends

Frosty promised he'd be back again someday! With a tip of his magic hat, Frosty returns for a new adventure. Only this time, he's not alone. What will happen when Frosty is joined by Snowpup and Snowboy? Learn More
Rainbow Tunnel

As bright as the light of the end of the tunnel! The Rainbow Tunnel with mat makes a great play space for younger children! Children will enjoy hours of crawling fun, and the shorter size of the tunnel makes it easy for them to see outside and be seen inside. Learn More
The Big Potty Book

Everybody needs to use the potty, including Josh and all the animals. Some need one for their big bottom, while others need one for their thin bottom. Some need one for their green bottom, while others need one for their furry bottom. Josh needs one for his bare bottom—well done, Josh! This book makes potty time a fun, pressure-free activity. Learn More
The Night Before Christmas (Little Critter's)

Little Critter watches in wonder as Santa Claus visits his house and fills his stocking with gifts in this delighful retelling of the Christmas classic. Learn More
Little Trucks with Big Jobs

Calling all truck fans!

Big trucks are impressive and powerful, but little trucks are important, too. A tow truck, ambulance, forklift, and plane tug are just a few of the little trucks that have big jobs. Size doesn't matter when it comes to getting the job done. It's all in a day's work for these mighty trucks. Learn More
Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Kids can practice their letter-formation skills with this hands-on dry-erase, lined practice board. One side shows 1" tall traditional manuscript uppercase letters, and the other has lowercase letters. Kids can start by tracing the letters and then advance to printing them on their own.

Marker not included. Learn More
Let's Say Our Animals

Ideal for babies and toddlers

Tough, sturdy construction

Push-button sound bar with ten words or numbers to hear and say

Teaches basic vocabulary and counting skills
Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 186 total

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