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  1. Hydroponics Lab

    Get a 360° view of growing plants from the roots up! Germinate seeds, then watch your plants grow ? no soil required. A convenient and messfree way to explore hydroponics. Ideal for science fair projects and controlled experiments in hands-on science inquiry. Water in shatterproof plastic tubes creates a magnified view of the roots. Telescoping rods support plants as they grow. Activity guide provides experiment ideas. Tubes also work with sand or soil. Grades K and up. Manufactured by Educational Insights. Learn More
  2. Stringing Pegs & Pegboard Set

    These quality-designed stringing pegs are 2 1/2" tall and engineered for easy grasping as kids place the pegs in the 25-hole Lauri® crepe rubber pegboard to create various designs with the 36" long laces. This is a great activity to improve fine-motor skills, introduce geometric thinking and visual patterning, and teach early graphing concepts. The pattern cards have varying levels of difficulty to continue challenging young minds and hands. Kids feel a great sense of accomplishment as they complete the peg-lace patterns and then go on to create designs of their own. Ages 3 & Up Contents: 32 Stringing Pegs, Lauri Crepe Rubber Pegboard, 24 Pattern Cards, 4 Tipped Laces, Activity Guide Learn More
  3. Do it Now! Science

    Hey, science can be cool—who doesn't want to grow their initials in crystal, or discover what carnivorous plants eat? The current DIY craze has created a generation of kids eager to make simple but rad machines and write in homemade invisible ink, while renewed environmental concern has kids building houses for bats and mixing up seed paper. This book features more than 70 activities that speak to both these trends, giving kids an amazing, science-tastic experience that’s far from boring. Explore Your World! is divided into two chapters: one of zany, quirky science projects and tech crafts, and another of eye-opening explorations that make every child’s backyard seem like a haven for discovery. In the first chapter, kids experiment with electricity, magically squeeze an egg into a bottle, isolate their own DNA, make an eclipse-viewer, and have fun with optical illusions. In the second chapter, readers will learn how to collect water from a tree branch, recognize animal tracks, raise a butterfly, and make cool fossils. This stealth-educational title gives kids the chance to learn and grow, without making them feel like they’re stuck in class. Learn More
  4. Berenstain Bears & the Joy of Giving

    In The Berenstain Bears and The Joy of Giving Brother and Sister Bear can't wait for Christmas and all the presents they'll open. But during the Christmas Eve pageant, something special happens! The Bear cubs learn a very valuable lesson about the joy of giving to others. Learn More
  5. Sieve

    • Sort through sand and dirt with this sieve available in 4 primary colors—red, blue, yellow and green, colors vary • Sieve: 6¾" Dia. Over 18 months Learn More
  6. Take and Create Shapes

    Take-along Tangram fun! Open this sturdy wooden carrying case to find 42 magnetic wooden blocks, in assorted shapes and colors, 12 pattern cards, and 2 magnetic white boards. Recommended for ages over 3 years. Learn More
  7. The Big Potty Book

    Everybody needs to use the potty, including Josh and all the animals. Some need one for their big bottom, while others need one for their thin bottom. Some need one for their green bottom, while others need one for their furry bottom. Josh needs one for his bare bottom—well done, Josh! This book makes potty time a fun, pressure-free activity. Learn More
  8. Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem and More Salutes to Nonsense - CD

    Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem and More Salutes to Nonsense - CD

    This fun CD includes a variety of songs including: The Irrational Anthem; Can't Wait to Celebrate; I'll Spell It Out For You; Saxophones; Shakin' Everywhere; The Gong Song; Jumping and Counting; Toy Boat; Follow the Band; (Jim Gill is) Going Nowhere; Laughing in Rhythm; Buffet Ballet; Bix Beiderbecke; The Dance Along Gong Song; Yodeling; and May There Always Be Sunshine. Learn More
  9. Terry White and Pink Elephant Bibs

    Terry Cloth White with Pink edging, with cute elephant on front. Velcro clasp in back makes for easy in and out. Machine washable makes for easy clean up. Size - 15"X 10" Learn More
  10. Yellow Hop 45

    18" Hop 45 - Yellow Learn More